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Milwaukee's IELTS Coaching in Kerala

        Milwaukee's IELTS

           Milwaukee's IELTS training is unique in the sense that it has its own consistent system to mould the candidates to achieve the required band score. The teaching of each module of IELTS in the natural mode makes the test takers competent within a minimum period of time. The following features substantiate it and they are the hallmarks of Milwaukee, kerala.
      The institution has got enough classrooms to accommodate any number of students. An ideal listening lab, a well-equipped language lab and a well-stocked library add to the facilities. All the up-to-date materials on IELTS are available here and it subscribes the eminent bulletins on IELTS
      The most important factor that has made Milwaukee(in kerala) establish is its distinctive teachers who are the golden feathers of the crown of Milwaukee, Kerala. They are trained postgraduates in English with long years of experience in teaching English in reputed institutions and have proven track record of being good educators. They maintain quality assurance in teaching through their meticulous teaching and learner-friendly approach. The teachers have exposure to course designing and material production.
     Individual Attention
      What distinguishes Milwaukee from other institutions is individual attention as each learner needs it copiously. The weak learners are best benefitted from this. It has been proved at Milwaukee(in kerala) that slow learners gradually develop   their skills when personal attention is given. Each candidate is provided with a personal file in which test scores are marked with trainers' comments. These are possible due to a qualitative teacher student ratio.

      Students are given tests regularly. Their performance is valued and the results are analyzed. Accordingly remedial teaching is administered and the achievements are  diagnosed. For speaking module there are frequent mock tests

     Different Batches
      As the number of students is more in rolls we have divided the total students into several batches. They are freshers' batch, regular batch,  pre-exam batch, exam batch, repeaters' batch and booster batch. The level of teaching in each batch varies and considering the learners' performance they are shifted to other batches.

     Communicative English
      The experience shows that  all the aspirants of IELTS are not equipped with language achievement. Therefore, to help  them get through IELTS we have a course on communicatve English. The elementary lessons of language functions, different aspects of  pronunciation and language skills are the components of this course.
     Other Facilities
      The students who remit the fees in full are supplied with some materials of IELTS. They can approach the trainers for clarification of any sort. If  the students want their own discussion, debate, mock test etc.

     Listening Module
      Because IELTS listening demands finding answers based on an audio recording what the examiner tests is a testee's power of  focussed listening. It is feasible only when the listeners understand the spoken form of the language. The pre-listening teaching is intented to increase the ear span and thereby to give ear training
     Reading Module
      IELTS reading is not casual reading but reading with comprehension. The central idea in teaching reading is to increase eye span and how to do skimming and scanning when the readers browse through the text. This can be achieved by developing the skill of intensive and synthetic reading which involves understanding the writer's presupposition sufficiently to recognize what he means by a particular statement, not just what he says, but why he says it.
     Speaking Module
      Language basically appears in spoken form. The meaning of a particular sentence to a great extent depends on the way the speaker uses the words in it and the voice modulation. Therefore, teaching speaking is usage, pronunciation,  accent and intonation oriented.
     Writing Module
      Writing is perhaps the most difficult module because semantics (word meaning) and syntax (grammar rules) determine the sense of sentences. Besides,  punctuation also significantly changes the meaning. Therefore, task I and II are separately handled by specialists who are adept  in  teaching  grammar, composition and interpretation of pictures or graphs. This has been proved effective to expand the stock of vocabulary and to get mastery over English structures.
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